Chicharron de Pollo-Chicken Chunks

CODE: 18

Boneless chunks of chickens marinated in our garlic and tropical juice sauce, deep fried to a golden brown and served with our delicious garlic onions

Croquettes Ham or Cheese Paste

CODE: 27

Three croquettes fried to a golden brown

Empanadas de Pollo o Carne

CODE: 29

Cuban turnovers filled with either chicken or ground beefh

Fry Calamari

CODE: 42

Lighty breaded fried Calimari complemented with a small side of Yuca Fries


CODE: 52

Green plantains thinly sliced and fried, topped with Mojito sauce.

Mojito Sample Platter

CODE: 59

An assortment of different Cuban bites, including: (2) ham croquettes, (1) corn tamal with pork, (2) meat pies, chicken chunks, fried yucca sticks, plantain... More

Stuffed Potato

CODE: 79

Mashed potatoes filled with ground beef. Breaded and golden fried to perfection

Tamal con Lechon

CODE: 80

Ground corn wrapped in the husk served with succulent roast pork

Yuca Frita
Our Cuban potato, boiled, fried until golden crisp, served with Mojito sauce